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How to continue your business during Quarantine
Tuesday 21st April 2020

How to continue your business during Quarantine

Gone are the busy business days. It is a rest time but resting the business does not help you much financially. So, are there any means to get your business running and stop crawling? Gear up gentleman time to hustle and put your business on the feet has finally come. Listing you down a few pro-tips to get back into the field and make some business cards move.

 1.    Work from Home: - As cliché as it sounds, it turns out a bit of hassle and no sweat-proof work. Encouraging your employees to stay focused during their work hours will help. A slight nudge to be punctual and report on time will boost your sincerity level. Ensure that the working hours are running smooth and the given task is reaching the client on time. Also, be an understandable/supportive human being at such crucial times.


2.    Communication is the Key: - Relationships won't grow and be strong if you don't communicate well. Keep constantly checking on your employees. Ask them if they are fine and you will always be there during a difficult time. Let them know the soft side of you and the caring face. Social distancing is resulting in a "self-accepting" process. This is a haunting process for a few. Understand your employees and be a shoulder of support emotionally. Video call your clients. Look out for them, as it is because of them that you are running. Respect them, motivate them and listen to their problems. Be an active person and ask them about their health. Build a caring relationship and develop a strong bonding. This is a perfect time to do so. Keep improving and impressing your client with the hard work of your team and yourself.


3.    Do not compromise on the quality: - Now is the time that your clients focus more on your work, they look on to every detail and keep a strong check on you. So, do not compromise on the quality of your work. Let the quantity be minimum, they will understand. But the quality cannot be compressed at all.


4.    Agenda: - Create an agenda for the day and hand over to the employees. Ensure that everyone is up to it by the end of the working day. A set of standard protocols should be followed by the employees to deliver the work on time. Prepare wisely and act creatively.

5.    Mitigate the Challenges: - Yes, the economy is crashing down, we are grinding up and everything around us is making us go bananas, we agree! However, staying focused is the key to stay put and levitate in the future. Encouraging constantly will help your clients and employees to face this severe outbreak of the virus. Panicking won't help your business or them. Stay calm and value the relationship in the company and client groups. An optimistic approach will help you to get through this phase and make sure that everyone is following the same mentality.

6.    Offer courses if you have resources: - Offering a few courses to learn to the employees or clients or your viewers is going to attract many customers and learners. Learning is a never-ending ocean. At such times, many want to hone their skills. So, if you have resources do offer some courses!

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