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Thursday 16th July 2020


While selling a product, you ensure the quality, marketing comes handy, campaign the product to customers, and the product sells itself. On the other hand, selling your service business is not a simple deal. It requires marketing yourself and your team's ability to get the job done. Hunt for an excellent service business is constant in this changing world. Customers often look for reliable and trustworthy services despite having quality products. To attract the crowd and set a benchmark service business is a must. All you need to do is connect with the most excellent people and escalate your level up above. 

Presenting you five ways of marketing service business:- 

Use social media 

A wise man once said, "If you have a medium - communicate with it. Don't let it rust down to dust!" Oh, yes, the wise man is one of the greatest Service Marketing geeks! So, what is this most significant medium now in the year 2020? It sure is SOCIAL MEDIA. So, could you make use of it thoroughly? 

Showcase your ability and how your team is well equipped to provide the best service business. Even if you have one client, ensure that one client stays only with you and jumps nowhere just because you grow his business and provide the finest of quality of service to him. Business cards are never out of style. Now you must be thinking in the generation of codes, WhatsApp, IG, Tweets, why business card? How does this help to market yourself? Well, let me tell you something that blows your mind. 

Business cards are never going to be out of style. 

It shows you are formal, focussed, and you belong to a Superior business class. Yes, a simple card is all it takes. Versace, the Designer, is world-famous, has several of her blog followers, etc. She says, "I invest in the finest business card for myself, coz they earn me more customers." Now how is this happening? You must be thinking; it is simple; some things always are in the court you prefer or not does not matter. Dear Service business people, kindly gear up to suit your business card in perfect calligraphy. 

A connection is the key. 

What matters to the customer most is his value in front of the giver. Just give and take never works. Keep connecting with all your customers more often. Drop them a text, ask them are they happy with services. How should we grow them? What are their plans? Also, apart from work, be polite. Humbleness is the key to keeping high heads. The more you shed distance and keep connecting, the more your customers feel good about your service and attract to it. It is definitely about being a human before a businessman. 

Get featured in the news, be more seen. 

Now you definitely should be thinking of scaffold, but no. We are digital, smart, and TV is something you find even in a small local barbershop. Isn't it true? Get featured, telecast yourself. Advertise pleasantly. Let the public know what you have to offer and how good are you at providing an excellent service business. Put the "why's," "how's," "ifs," and all the questions with answers out there. Don't use jargon words, unless you want to push them away. Simple yet connecting, that is the way you feature yourself on television. To attract more people, start exposing your business even more. 

Make sure your value is higher than the price. 

Haven't we seen people who tag their price higher than quality? And what do we label them? Okay, let's not dig about that. We all know where we are getting at, don't we know? 

Label yourself a reasonable price and ensure your quality is always higher than the tag put up. Yes, I understand your interface with complaints box customers too. But that is how you grow, handle them! Give your best and let those complaints sink. You are here to provide people growth, and with their growth comes yours. Remember that! Service business goes hand in hand. You help, I help, we grow, this is the underlying ideology. Kindly level up your value and the quality of service at affordable prices to attract customers. 

All set, go! Be the best at the service business with all these pro tips. May the quality be best, and quantity keeps increasing! 

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