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Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Choosing a working life virtually is so cool & motivating in some ways as you get to work in your comfortable zone i.e. pajamas and you can also eat lots of snacks or anything, anytime at home.

Meanwhile, this situation can be challenging too as resolving problems and work-related issues can be handled easily when the team is together.

Nowadays we all are having these experiences, despite the fact that snacks at home do not resolve all our problems but they do a great job of making us feel better, maybe temporary.

As many of the businesses are adopting ways to virtual life, there are some of the patterns that they are following in their working time.

Here are some of the ways adopted by small businesses to virtual life:

·        Remote work policies are communicated by small businesses

This is just like marketing we can never make assumptions on what people are understanding from our side or they are only understanding the things that we are telling them to do. In other words, if your call to actions is not clear then your rates of conversion will be going down and this can also happen when you are going to shift to the remote team.

To manage everything on time, you need to prepare a document in which your expectations from employees and what they can expect from the management must be mentioned. But this surely doesn’t mean to force employees to set up time tracking and to watch their every move—that’s not what a remote work policy is for. A remote policy is just like the normal office guidelines that are being followed in a work from home environment to run the company smoothly.

 Understanding how to keep the team updated

Creating a way to update employees on new tools being used (ex. Zoom vs. Google Hangouts), updated tactics, current statuses of projects, etc. is essential to keep the train moving forward. You can create a team update as a Relaxed Channel with all team members or as a Friday newsletter sent out to everyone via email. This helps keep all teams “in the know” of what’s going on and it’s more important right now than ever.


·         Trying their best to create a positive experience

As this time is difficult for both personal and professionals, so those who are facing many personal problems can really skip this point. But for those who are able to keep working, the management should do what they can do to ensure and help in their general wellbeing.


For example, you can ask them to be stress-free, do not ping them every now and then. You can also create a zoom theme for them that takes the pressure off of adapting to virtual life so quickly. The theme can be around bringing a certain object to the chat (ex. Sunglasses, funny hat, or a plant) or setting your background to a favorite snack.


We agree with the fact that there is nothing productive in that but, the point is to give your team some relief amid a lot of global chaos.

Therefore, there are a lot more things that small businesses are adopting to get good work from their remote team.

Working from home can be a huge shift for small businesses. While nobody really knows what they’re doing right now, businesses can lean into the unknown and keep a mindset of constant adaptation.And a full cupboard of snacks, keep working and keep moving ahead.

Lots of happiness, positivity, growth, success, and snacks.

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