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Wednesday 22nd April 2020


The whole world is facing a challenging situation right now and fighting with the war of novel coronavirus.  But the people who are sitting inside their homes, they are also fighting with another kind of war with themselves. This war is of nervousness, distress, ambiguity, isolation, etc. because this is the first time in their life that people are being locked down inside their homes for so long.

We have come across many cases through social media and many other media platforms that people are committing suicide when they are tested positive for the coronavirus. And this is really very sad for each one of us that they are facing such mental issues. It is now our responsibility as a citizen of this country to help them to come out of mental distress.

The government is trying their best to cope up with the economic losses, to help every citizen of the country, mentally and economically. Many health experts are suggesting practicing meditation, yoga so that people can improve their mental health.

So, let’s help ourselves and our people with some positivity to cope up with the situation.

Some ways that can help you to keep up with the lockdown and social distancing with an encouraging mind:

1.      Do not take social distancing as an emotional distancing: Maintaining social distancing has become mandatory for all of us so please don’t take it as you can’t connect with people. You can make use of the latest technology, your mobile phone and all other technological devices to connect with them virtually.  In case if you are feeling so low, depressed or anything that is damaging your mental health, then, in that case, connect with your family & friends to feel relaxed. You also have an option to connect with a counselor or health expert to gain positivity. Counselors will understand you and will provide you with the right direction to feel more comfortable during these tough times.


2.      Give more time for some little more body moments: This is the time when you should choose doing exercises and yoga inside your homes. This is totally your wish that which type of exercise you want to do. Exercise helps your mind and body to feel relaxed and it also maintains your proper health.


3.      Try to connect with yourself- Meditate: Meditation is the best way to connect with your inner soul and feel relaxed. This is a kind of mental exercise and doing it as a part of your daily routine may help you in dealing with a difficult time easily. Believe me, after a few days of doing meditation, you feel so better and you will meet a newer and beautiful version of you.


4.      Choose healthy eating to remain fit and fine:  This is another area that needs more attention as many of you now might be eating your favorite food, snacks, etc. unhealthy eating especially happens when people get bored and so they choose to eat. But this is very essential now that you take care of your food and you maintain your diet. Even this is the time you can follow the diet plan, detox your body by choosing healthy meals and saying no to snacks as well as odd timings of taking daily meals.


5.      Try to maintain your quarantine routine: This is very important for you to maintain a routine including different types of activities that are suitable for you as well as your family. However, there might be some days when you do not feel like working or do anything. You may feel like to relax and just lay down on the bed or just sitting ideal, no worries you can do that too. But ensure that you take rest religiously so that on other days you can follow your routine and make the best out of this Quarantine.


6.      Reduce the time that you spend with media:  This is really important that you get yourself updated enough with all the information and news that explains what is happening in the outside world. But make sure that you only connect yourself with media once or twice a day, and not more than that, because watching news all the time that includes scary, stressful stuff may affect your daily routine and life. So, try to stay away from the media.


7.      Don’t try to control everything that is happening:  The current situation has become very difficult and people are trying to manage everything at a time. Many of the people are trying to control everything and every change that is occurring and by putting an effort to make everything better, they are getting more anxious and stressed. Whereas the current situation needs you to be adaptable, flexible and so that you can feel relaxed and do not try to control everything.


8.      Learn to be grateful for everything you have and appreciate:  Focusing on the brighter situation of any of the difficult situations helps in reducing your worries and can give you all the answers to take away your difficult times. Also, be grateful for what you have got in this situation because there is always something good in the bad. Try to appreciate the things that are good in the current situation like you are with your family, you are getting time to relax, to feel calm and also you can use this time to do something good, learn new skills and many other things.  This will surely help you to remain positive and remember that every situation has an end that may be bad or good. So, this situation will also end soon. 


We hope you all enjoyed reading it and now you have a perfect plan to follow this lockdown and bring the best out of this difficult time.  And yes, you will surely gonna miss this beautiful time in life because this is never gonna come back again.

So, people please don’t panic, don’t take the stress and enjoy your quarantine. 

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