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Post-COVID impact on Businesses and Economy
Thursday 9th July 2020

Post-COVID impact on Businesses and Economy

Have you lately categorized your life into two phases as "Pre-COVID" and "Post-COVID?" Hearing your grandparents say, "I've never seen such a crisis in this entire lifetime? We are completely bound with questions like, What if this never ends? What's next? But not forgetting, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller. 

Aren't we taught that in the end things are always happily ever after? Deep down all of us believe that someday everything will fall back into place, also we're aware that it will take an eternity to make things normal. The impacts of this pandemic are going to be supernumerary but with the new health protocols, the world will again be a better place to live, which doesn't mean your plans for shifting to Mars are gonna fail.

Life has surely changed!

Apart from the negativity that has been all around, we are pretty sure each of you got to spend some quality time with your family also with yourself most importantly. You have been into different territory completely, of course, life's much better with pajamas but this comfort zone wouldn't be available once you're back to your desk. Speaking of life, we have noticed a huge fall down in the population. The virus just swept tons of people away effecting the emotions, culture, and society.

Solve it or live with it.

Even if the business gets a kick start, it's going to take time to get on the track. Not just production and sales, restoring the faith- the thing we took granted for, during the pre-pandemic period is going to be the playing card. People will continue to hesitate and think a billion times to buy anything from the local vendors or the luxurious shopping malls. Yes! life still gets prioritized over embellishments. To overcome this we'll have to follow a few significant steps to maintain hygiene and it has to be followed for months even if the lockdown is lifted.

Bow down, to the new Majesty!

The social media platform is going to be the king, the one to rule, and to unite his subjects. Virtual studies are going to be in fashion. Parents who strongly believed that learning doesn't happen over the phone are going to be proven wrong, group studies, tuitions, coaching classes no longer exist. Digital conferences and meetings are not just effective but environmentally friendly as they decrease the usage of transportation. Improvised habits like shopping from online stores have to be adapted also, the overburdened hospitals need to start online appointment booking sessions to avoid the queues.

IT, are you blessed?

The IT sectors have tried and gained a bit of control as their work style syncs with the new digital era. But, the production companies like steel or cement factories have nowhere to go. Their work demands physical presence instead of the virtual conference. It might take a few months as they'll have to work with

restricted manpower and limited resources and this will lead to a decrease in production. The IT sectors are still in the game with the help of a digital platform and they're here to stay as it is convenient to work either way.

Above everything, the healthcare system has to be the focus. The damage might take years to heal but the chaos will surely come to an end. We surely shall get back to our lives, start visiting outdoors, start traveling, exploring a variety of food. Despite everything being okay, we still have to take few precautions and continue to follow few lifestyles like continuing to wear masks, maintaining social distance, sanitize now and then, avoiding public transport and most importantly staying positive about all that has happened. If all of the safety measures are followed only then we can experience the post-pandemic world.

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