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Digital Marketing Courses
Thursday 5th March 2020

Digital Marketing Courses


Evolution has begun people! Traditional market has been already dumped in the backyard, Digital Market is now the new headline, a new face to model business in the 21st century. Digital Market is a revolutionary change that has hiked up the business via advertising, etc. It has become an integral part of what a ‘business’ is to its customers. 48% of marketers and businessmen claim that their business has escalated ever since they switched to Digital Marketing methods. Most of the teenagers spend 3/4th of their day on social media, states the research. The products bought frequently are the consequences of advertisements provided on these apps.

So, you must be thinking,
What exactly is Digital Marketing?
How do you learn it and implement it?
You shall discover all the answers with more vivid insights of famous business tycoons, their idea of the digital market, how they used and how the business grows via Digital Marketing.


It is simply a method of selling or buying (marketing) products or services using digital technology through mobile phones, display an advertisement or any other digital device.
The first live broadcast was from an ‘Opera’ performance at Met, via the wireless transmission through a Radio, invented by Guglielmo Marconi. No internet, just the radio. And guess what people did? They bought several tickets! This way Digital Marketing strategy took place.

Guglielmo Marconi

Digital marketing is used in numerous ways. The outcome has often been fruitful. The Binary world is slowly conquering, let me put forth an example. A quick Brain-waver for you

∙ One advertisement put on magazine and newspaper attracts ______ number of customers.

∙ One advertisement put on Facebook/ Instagram/Television/Radio attracts______ number of customers.

Which one have you numbered the highest? The former one stands 12% of chance, while the latter one possesses 88% of strength. The power of DIGITAL MARKET, people!


Now the most important question which arises is, how are we learning Digital Marketing? What are the reliable resources to learn? Keep reading and get enlightened on these topics.


Google Online Marketing Course:


Google- The most widely trusted search engine has its own set of courses. To pour you down with humungous business opportunities, there is the World Wide Web. When you get anyquestions, like any; you rush and ‘Google it’. Don’t you? We all do. Yes, including the business of course. Be generous in using social media, but also be wise. About the course, Google has its free Interactive Advertising Bureau-accredited course.

Explore your Digital Marketing journey with 26 Modules created by Google Trainers. Various practical exercises to sharpen your skills and mold you to be one fine Digital Marketer. 40 hours is all you need to dedicate and watch yourself chasing heights in the world of binary. Get certified once you master it and clear the test with flying colors. To add this feather on your CV,

One-click is all it takes to change your business career.

WordStream’s PPC University:

“Practice more, Study less” that’s their motto. They chop you down until you get thorough forwhat you signed for. Digital Marketing it is then, PPC courses are dynamic, engaging and they sort your SWOT analysis and help you strengthen your weakness. Saving your time plus honing your skills is the specialty of PPC.

You go through tests after completion of the course which helps you in the final test. As theirmotto conveys, ’Practice more’.... the support on practical is indeed escalated.


Social Media Quick-starter Digital Marketing Course:

Cracking through the nutshell of Analog life, being exposed to the new star “Social Marketing”it is going to be a tough call which is a must though! So, this site has heard your verdict and is to prove you wrong if you are against Digital Marketing. If you are for it, hold the hand, take the course and just Levitate!

One step at a time, they say. Get started and twist your business to churn out fruitful outcomes. Click the link below for the Quick Starter course.

Inbound Marketing Course:

Budding entrepreneurs know very little and often seek the shade of experienced players in the marketing field. The Inbound Marketing course is a customary suggestion from their predecessors. To begin with the new venture and set course in the journey of your business and to encompass massive success, begin with signing up with the course. It includes 6 lessons, 15 videos, and 4 quizzes. Start your path by binding with inbound. Ample information will be given, all you need to do is take note of every information in detail.

5. Alison Free Diploma in E-Business:

A business is an ascent and descent. It values your time and gives you definite results of what you invest in it. A Business is an opportunity of growth and E-Business gives you wings to your walking pace! Play this ace and all cards on the table, you rule! The course provided byAlison is free and above all, it is worth it. This boosts your understanding of ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ clears the ‘whys’ paves you the path to implement a successful e-business strategy.

Duration of the course is of 6-10 hours. You will be provided with learning tools and various assessments. At the end of the course and on the good eve of you clearing it, you will be awarded a completion certificate.

Trends that are changing our marketing and business world include:

  • ∙  Analytics

  • ∙  Big data

  • ∙  Personalization

  • ∙  Mobile

  • ∙  Marketing automation

  • ∙  Paid digital advertising

    Stating down few insights of famous and successful entrepreneurs at hashtag #ONEfest and as per the information gathered by none other than the digital marketing geek himself-Jeff Bullas:

1. Ashton Kutcher:

  • ∙  “As a marketer, you have to be the inspiration from inside the company”

  • ∙  Transparency and vulnerability allow a collaborative achievement to success

  • ∙  “Get busy being the best you”

  • ∙  We’re living in an experiential world. It doesn’t matter what you have, it matters what you can


  • ∙  Build a culture that stands up and shouts “I WORK HERE!

  • ∙  In marketing you have to be willing to fail, admit it and pivot quickly

  • ∙  “Be ruthless with your curiosity & your willingness to learn every step of the way”

2. Steve Irvine:

  • ∙  When marketing via mobile, you are competing with family and friends. So be smart and targeted.

  • ∙  Facebook is getting 4 BILLION video views per day!

  • ∙  An average person checks Facebook on their phone 14 times a day.

  • ∙  Smartphones have more computing power than the computer that sent a man to the moon

  • ∙  Mobile is the driver of digital today

3. Jay Baer:

  • ∙  Be the best solution not just a ‘solution’

  • ∙  Relationships are created with information first, people second.

  • ∙  Youtility is the fire. Social media is the gasoline

  • ∙  Ask yourself this ONE question every morning... “How can I help?

  • ∙  All marketers tell themselves the same lie.... our customers are too busy. If they say that, you’re

    not being relevant enough

  • ∙  Don’t change the message. Change the messenger

  • ∙  The difference between HELP and HYPE is just one letter. Stop being amazing, start being


  • ∙  The second screen is now our first screen

4. Ray Wang:

  • ∙  Digital disruption is less about technology and more about transforming business models

  • ∙  Winning in a digital world means being great at the Art and Science. So...Become a digital


  • ∙  Transformational innovation is breakthrough & disrupts markets

  • ∙  Tech convergence powers digital disruption

    So, what are you waiting for? Next time when you find yourself on a business summit or conference, NAIL IT!

    Happy Milestones Budding Entrepreneurs!

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