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Learn to create the content SEO friendly
Wednesday 29th April 2020

Learn to create the content SEO friendly

Every digital marketer dreams to build a consistent organic traffic search, but what is needed to create your content SEO friendly?

Well, there is not magic or rocket science that makes good content.

Another most noticeable thing is that regardless of what people think, there is nothing tricky that makes Google think that your content is of good quality.

There is no mysterious art involved in the process of SEO which stands for “Search Engine Optimization” which means the search optimization can understand and access your content.

 To create SEO friendly content, you must follow some of the essential steps:

1.     Use the searchable phrase (search query) to match your content idea

For instance, you have an idea for which you want to write about. Then at this stage, the process of content creation starts. Here your first step will be to find out whether anyone else is searching for that topic or not?

This is very important for you to know what people are searching for in the Google search box. This will help you in reaching research data and also you will get to know different angles, narrow your content idea to some specific term and you will structure the future blog in a much better and a useful way.

 Here we can sum up that we must do the keyword research whenever any content idea clicks in your mind.

2.     Use prominent places to put your specific keywords

The process of using keywords in the content has been changed over time. Now the trend has changed, using keywords just for the sake of keyword stuffing is a bad practice. Rather, the focus must be on maintaining the content quality and using the keywords optimally. Prominent places must be used to put keywords so that Google, as well as human visitors, are more confident and comfortable there.

The major places where your keywords must appear are:

Title of the page, First paragraph, page subheadings, Page URLs, Image alt text.

3.    For matching your content with Google’s expectations, make use of semantic analysis

This point explains that your content must meet up the search query as stated above that Google has become much better at understanding each query and the intent of searcher behind the search content.  For this purpose, you can make use of the text optimizer as this will help in making better content as per the requirement.

4.    Use diversified content formats

Even though Google loves textual content but now the time has come where the content in different formats is being accepted and expected by web users. Such as images, videos, etc. are more widely accepted and currently, there is recognition by Google for this diversified content format.

5.    Make a routine to set-up On-page monitoring

At last, we must always bring some improvement and plan strategies to do better work. You must focus on monitoring organic traffic so this will be an important step here.  There are many tools available to check which type of query is sending you traffic. One of the most useful tools is Search Console, which will help in understanding the queries that are sending you traffic, in this area, you will need to check your performance tab regularly.

Consequently, these above steps will help in making content SEO friendly and this will also help Google to understand your content and rank you in a higher position. Focus on improving and creating better content that is SEO friendly and also able to resolve the different human queries searched on Google. 

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