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Scenes behind the 21 days Lockdown during COVID19
Tuesday 21st April 2020

Scenes behind the 21 days Lockdown during COVID19

The rising attack of the deadly Corona Virus has forced the Indian government to take this significant step of the 21 days lockdown in the whole country. PM Modi says that this lockdown is essential to save India, to save its every citizen, you, your family and each one of us in the nation.   India has taken this significant step as “Social distancing is the only way to break the cycle of infection”. These 21days are very essential, and it is a kind of warning to all of us to stay inside the home because if we do not follow this, then the whole country would be set back 21 years and many families would be destroyed.


Here is the list of the major reasons for which the Indian government has decided the lockdown nationwide:

 •    The World Health Organization has declared this  COVID-19 as a pandemic. 

•    Coronavirus is a spreadable disease, and it infects almost 3-4 people in a week & this chain goes on increasing.

•    Social distancing is the only way to break this chain of Coronavirus. 

•    Many countries have been successful in controlling the increasing effect of Coronavirus through social distancing. 

•   Countries like Italy & Spain are affected a lot due to their casual behaviour towards social distancing. 

•    Around 12 Lakhs people who have tested positive for Coronavirus and around 60,000 people have died in the world, as of 4th April 2020.

•    Social distancing will eventually lead to a decrease in spread, morbidity, and mortality due to the disease.

•    Not only India but, experts from all over the world are practicing & advising self-isolation as this is the only key to protect yourself.  

Therefore, these are some of the reasons for the 21days  lockdown in INDIA, not only you, your business but the whole country & its economic condition is getting affected due to this lockdown, but we need to save our lives. India is paying a substantial economic cost for this lockdown maybe, because if we will not follow this then everything will be gradually destroyed. This thing was very well explained in our PM’s speech that “Jaan hai to Jahaan hai.”

What is Social Distancing and Why it is essential? 

Social distancing is the term which means reducing the interaction with different people and managing the distance of at least 6feets between the other person and you. This measure has been taken to slow the effect of the contagious disease, which is spreading very quickly. Social distancing on a large-scale means of stopping the gathering of 10 or more than 10 people, cancelling of different events, marriages, closing huge buildings where a lot of people gather. Whereas on a small-scale, the procedures consist of practicing good hygiene, limiting the in-person contact with people around you. 


 The very protective measure like social distancing is very essential as this method has been proven by experts to flatten the curve of disease, i.e. it helps in decreasing the number of cases from a contagious illness. If we gather in huge amount (may be 10 people), then that will result in a large number of sick people with the infection.

There are some of the observations as well as reports from the experiences of the past pandemic of the Coronavirus in China indicates that we must take a preventive measure of social distancing at its earliest to protect and save our lives. As self-isolation is the adequate measure of the swing down the effect of the virus. The health specialists advise this that if the social distancing has been practiced earlier by the people of China, then the chances of reducing the Coronavirus impact would have been reduced by 66%, 86% and 95% respectively. 

Therefore, we must follow the recommendations of the health departments for controlling disease and taking prevention.  Together with this practice, we can slow down the transmission of disease and can prevent more such cases of Coronavirus.


Some of the exciting ways to make your time more productive while working from home:  

As we all know that it takes almost 21days to form a habit, and you have got such an excellent chance to make your life much better by learning and practicing a lot of things you do not do in your working days.  

Here is the list of ways you can adopt to use your time effectively while staying at home:

·         Adapt these healthy habits:  Exercise To keep your physical as well as mental health good, physical exercise is essential. Take half an hour in your day while working from home as this can get your blood pumping, boost your energy, revitalize your spirit. Exercising daily will also help you in maintain discipline that is also valuable in managing your better working environment. You can reduce your long-term stress and feel better that helps you in building more confidence to lead a more balanced life. 

·         Read a lot:

Reading is known to be a lifelong skill that is mostly adopted by successful people in their lives. Reading any stuff is beneficial as it helps you in getting a deep understanding of the world around you. This many help you in introducing yourself with the new culture, new ideas, unique philosophies, etc. and in the end, you may develop a lot of new skills through reading. During this leisure time, you can build up your strong vocabulary, improve your communication skills and thus reading plays a very vital role in keeping you a updated with everything happening around.

·         Practice meditation:

The modern lifestyle is challenging to survive, and thus we need some break to ensure that our mind does not undergo a mental breakdown. This has been found in many studies that the people who practice meditation and yoga can survive better, under pressure as compared to those who do not follow meditation.  


·         Take time for some personal care:

Personal care is something that everyone loves because when you look good, you feel good. You can spend some time filing nails, doing activities to groom your face and body, etc. Personal care activities will help you to realize that you have some time for yourself too. After doing all this, you will have a feeling of satisfaction with you.


·         Help your mother: start cooking:

This is the best time when you can help your mother that you ever wished to do. There is something about baking and cooking from scratch that feels almost spiritual. Cooking can bring up your creativity and productiveness in doing activities. You must try cooking these days to feel good and help others at home.  

So, these are some of the activities you can try out during these lockdown days to bring efficiency in your work. Adopting these habits will also be helpful to you in the future as you will be more productive and skilful after the completion of this lockdown. Also, I ensure you that this will be the most memorable time of your life. 



“One step outside can make way for coronavirus into your house,” says PM Narendra Modi. Please don’t let this happen!  

This is the time when you can contribute a lot to the nation and this world by doing nothing but just by staying at home. I hope you all have understood the reason behind this significant step of the Indian government for the 21days lockdown in India and the ways you could utilize these 21 days to carve out a better version of you.

Therefore, we must understand our responsibility towards ourselves and towards our nation. After reading the whole piece, you might be able to understand the importance of social distancing.  

We support 21days lockdown. We will follow social distancing to save this world. Do you? 


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