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5 positive aspects to note during the Lockdown
Tuesday 21st April 2020

5 positive aspects to note during the Lockdown

While the whole world is dumped in the yard of negativity, locked up in houses, Scared to handshake or hug anyone. In short, we aren't allowed to be normal anymore. Agree? So, in this pit of pessimism, how do you find the light?

Everything has both sides, good and bad. Even this deadly pandemic-causing virus 'Corona' has some positive aspects. Let us sneak into it and expand our perception more optimistically. Let us see how the world is without Humans wandering.

1.        Ozone Layer : - The depletion of the ozone layer is caused due to greenhouse gases. All these years when the world seemed 'normal working' to us, the ozone was depleting. We read the news and we didn't work much on healing it. Now that all the industries are shut down the ozone has healed up to 95%. The largest hole which was above Antarctica is recovering due to the Montreal protocol.


2.        Reduced Air Pollution: - Air pollution has drastically reduced. Birds are rejoicing this amazing weather. Calmness is prevailing and a much clearer view is visible. In China, the satellite image has shown a significant drop in nitrogen dioxide pollution. The industries which emit a lot of gases are now on halt, this certainly is a pro to mother earth.

3.    Animal Life: - I am sure we all have come across memes that shows humans locked up inside their houses and animals roaming around. Well guess what, this is the truth for real. Dolphins are visible in canals and marine drive of Mumbai! Yes, that is amazing. Isn't it? Deers and sheeps are grazing wherever they want, squirrels are bouncing happily. Humans have indeed exploited animal life. Now that we all are locked, peacocks dance in rejoice and exclaim "Hey look, the Human virus is gone".


4.    Rivers: - India spent crores to clean the Ganga and Yamuna river. Now, free of cost the rivers are getting clean. The reason being, the absence of humans. No more people over there dipping in the water to clean their sins. Wait, did we clean our sins or cause them? Guess, the later one! Rivers and canals are crystal clear, calm and the water life is back to life. No boats, no dirt is thrown, no chaos. The benefits of our absence don’t seem to have limits.

5.     Value of Human Life: - Remember the days when hugging and handshaking seemed normal and you weren't grateful for it? Gone are the days, now handshake is life-threatening, and hugging is valuable, certainly miss-able. We are now valuing our friends whom we met daily. We are giving importance to relationships. We are evolving slowly, but gradually understanding the importance of isolation and being grateful for a normal life that we miss now.

This quarantine is also impacting a lot on mental health. Sitting alone, observing your thoughts. Giving family your time. Isn't this a dream for us all now? To be strong mentally, to spend time with our family, to heal nature! We are learning now that wearing a "being human" T-shirt is a waste if you aren’t a human being for real. We are realizing that one human can change the world. We are also realizing that we need to consign things, that we have messed up a lot. We are enlightening our knowledge towards being grateful for things we thought as silly. Let the love sink in, let the climate stabilize. Let the birds sing a little more, let the dolphins dance in rejoice.


So, let us vow that we shall be a better person who respects nature, who cultivates a habit of healing and not destroying.

And about this virus, together we shall overcome this. This too shall pass. Hang in there pretty people.

Stay home, Stay safe.

Happy Lockdown!

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